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VacuumJET is a closed hydroblast solution with vacuum system for operations on vertical and horizontal steel surfaces.

Minumum surface working width 525 mm
Cleaning width 430 mm
Maximum operating pressure Max. 3,000 bar @ 40 l/min
Average production rate 40 - 65 m2 /h

VacuumJET allows you to fast and efficient removal of industrial coatings, corrosion, and other types of contamination on large steel surfaces, such as storage tanks, ship hulls, and other large steel structures.

In combination with the IMB Vacuum System the surface will dry immediatly, preventing flash rust, resulting in less environmental waste. This enables other technicians to simultaneously perform other maintenance work, contributing to significant time savings to bring the asset earlier back into service.

The magnetic robot crawler enables operators to operate safer, faster, and more cost-efficient. RoboJET is a multi-purpose modular robot can carry applications for HP, UHP, and abrasive blasting.

Outstanding performance, even in the most difficult conditions

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