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The RoboJET surface cleaning robot allows you to perform cleaning, scraping, or inspection processes on large metal surfaces such as ships, tanks, bridges, or wind turbines by adhering using permanent magnets. The magnetic adhesion enables these robots to climb vertical or even inverted surfaces, providing a flexible and effective solution for various applications. With RoboJET, you can perform HP, UHP, or Grit blasting applications in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner.

In maritime, energy, and other industrial sectors, traditional surface treatments like grit blasting, water jetting, and washing have long relied on manual labor. However, this labor-intensive approach comes with drawbacks such as reduced efficiency, occupational hazards, health concerns, environmental impacts, and increased costs. To mitigate these challenges, you can leverage RoboJET solutions.

RoboJET offers significant advantages, outperforming human labor by up to 10 times in terms of speed and stability. By utilizing RoboJET, you can enhance efficiency and address these disadvantages. It helps minimize occupational risks and reduce manpower requirements, ultimately leading to improved workplace safety, better health, reduced environmental impact, and optimized costs.

RoboJET is a mobile platform designed to operate in challenging environments, adhering magnetically to surfaces. This platform offers multiple kit options tailored for your work, including VacuumJET (Zero Waste UHP System), ArmJET (UHP System), ArmJET-G (Grit Blasting System), and WashingJET (500 bar Washing System).

VacuumJET Kit: This kit is suitable for flat or slightly curved large working areas (such as ship hulls, storage tanks, or ship holds). It enhances performance and speed while allowing you to collect waste. The integrated vacuum inlet enables you to gather waste in your waste container, creating a closed end-to-end system.

**ArmJET Kit: **If you're dealing with protrusions, pipelines, or narrower spaces on the surfaces you work with, this kit is a great choice. It offers a fast and effective UHP solution and can handle washing and water blasting operations in the range of 500-3000 bar.

ArmJET-G Kit: By attaching 2 or 3 grit nozzles to this kit, you can utilize it for grit blasting applications. It's also suitable for wet grit blasting operations.

Please note that while using these kits, it's important to adhere to safety guidelines and recommendations for optimal results and safe operation.

Surface preparation is a multi-step process. It usually begins with washing, followed by scraping, and then concludes with another washing and coating. Instead of using different robots for all these steps, you can accomplish multiple tasks with a single robot. We provide a solution without the need for distinct robots for various applications. Through RoboJET and its versatile kits, we offer solutions that allow swift adaptations. In this manner, you can perform tasks such as open and closed water scraping, grit scraping, and washing using a single robot.

You can access the field and demo operations of RoboJET through our IMB Robotics YouTube and LinkedIn pages. You can observe its operational performance in various fields such as ship hull grit and water scraping, as well as ship hold water scraping.

You can access the technical specifications of RoboJET from here.

Yes, indeed. Our robots are suitable for challenging working conditions. The robots hold CE and ISO quality certifications.

Yes, we offer various rental options. For detailed information about our rental opportunities, please contact us.

RoboJET has been designed to accommodate all kit conversions seamlessly. For instance, you can easily incorporate a different kit, such as ArmJET or WashingJET, after initially acquiring the VacuumJET model.

IMB Robotics is a design and R&D company. We have already delivered numerous customized projects and systems. We always prioritize your ideas and strive to provide you with the most suitable solution.

Yes, RoboJET comes with a IP69 camera option. The camera feature provides a solution where you can monitor real-time footage from the control system during both day and night usage.

At IMB Robotics, we provide integrated end-to-end solutions tailored to your needs, including RoboJET, UHP water jet, and vacuum systems. For detailed information, please contact with us.

Yes it is possible. The RoboJET control unit has a framework that can be integrated with other systems. RoboJET can be integrated with third-party systems such as water jets, cherry pickers, or HSE systems, enhancing your efficiency and safety.

RoboJET securely sticks to surfaces through its specialized permanent magnets. These magnets are not affected by power cuts. In the event of a potential power interruption, an automatic braking system engages to maintain its position.

RoboJET operates with a single-phase universal power supply of 230VAC / 115VAC. The total power consumption is 2kW.

RoboJET does not require any equipment for daily maintenance. Cleaning with 3 bar air or washing water at the end of the task is sufficient. There is a startup procedure that needs to be followed at the beginning of each operation. These procedures ensure the more efficient and long-lasting use of RoboJET.

RoboJET is controlled using a wireless remote control. While environmental conditions can have an impact, generally, you can control it up to a distance of 100 meters.

The robot can be used on vertical surfaces in right, left, upward, and downward directions. On horizontal surfaces, the robot can be utilized in all directions.

In general, an operator is needed to control the robot. Additionally, we recommend assigning additional personnel for tasks such as managing cable and hose traffic in the field and controlling the UHP pump.

You don't need special permission to work with robots. The robots possess the necessary certifications and are suitable for operation in compliance with occupational safety and environmental regulations. However, it is recommended that only trained and certified operators handle the robots.

RoboJET is designed to be easily usable by anyone after a one-day training. However, due to its powerful magnets, individuals with heart conditions or pacemakers should avoid approaching it.

We would be pleased to provide you with a quote for one of our solutions! In order to ensure we offer you the right solution, we need information about your project or operations. This way, we can be certain that your quote will effectively address the challenges in your blasting and washing activities.

After order confirmation, delivery is typically completed within 2-3 weeks.

Certainly, on-site training for one day is available as an option with the purchase of a RoboJET solution. This ensures that your team learns to operate and manage the RoboJET system effectively, maximizing its benefits. For more details, please contact us.